Home Depot Desperado’s

Okay so it's been a few days since the last update as we have been busy making acquisitions and sorting out what needs to be done in the place. After several trips to Home Depot (like Bunnings or Masters for those in Aus) we have become regulars and assistance is great!

Walmart and AT&T (Steven) have been the other regular haunts as we progressively get things set up properly. Yay!! We finally got internet on Saturday arvo!

In the meantime there are a couple of major projects in the works such as the sewing bench in the joint study and the loading room.

So let's start with some before shots of the study and where we are at right now.

Before, just remembered in time before I started marking up for brackets! Well two were up already by time I remembered.

Okay, and progress as at yesterday….

Bench top custom cut by Jack n Kat and ready for edging done below. I do believe my time at North Coast Kitchens has come in handy all these years later. Although it would have been a damn sight easier with a proper edging machine!! The iron did well though.

Kat xo

April 6th here in OK.


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