Home Depot Desperado’s Pt2

Moving onto the garage here is what's happening. So the before shots show your usual double garage but not for very much longer…(hmm in my head that came out a bit Rocky Horror picture show like. Lol!) Sorry I digress. šŸ™‚

Now you remember from the part 1 post we have spent a fair bit of time at Home Depot and so the weekend has been full of sawdust, discussions, task allocation and the like but we are getting there!!

So Stage 1, clear garage and make saw horses, get timber etc and rest of tools, exchange a few things and hire pickup to drop all home.

Stage 2 get to cuttin'! Measure twice, cut once!

Stage 3 assemble, which gets us to something like this!

Ta dah!

One very proud Jackaroo having done a great job, with the assistance of the lovely Kathouse Kelli of course, has managed a very squared up little project for the loading room.

More to come in the coming few days!


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