She Shoots, She Sew’s, She Stains!

It's been a very busy couple of days again, the weather has warmed up – for now – and the loading room project is moving on.

Now, never one to sit idly by, as most of you may know, Kathouse has been busy staining the benches, china rail and antiquing the panelling to go into the loading room, giving it that rustic cowboy feel.

He even found in Home Depot a nifty little light set up, that by changing the bayonet fitting to having like a double adaptor attachment fitting screwed into it, he could wire in – well plug in a new light – an easy fix to the solution.Jackaroo has been busy, cutting, fixing, (cursing) with his lovely assistant at times, the panelling and gyprock (called drywall here) and hanging 2 new doors to the alcove and loading room area. His walls are in perfect alignment!!!

I got to plastering the joins as Jack continued on with other measuring and cutting. Also cleaned the walls with the magic eraser sponges (love them) so they look brand new again.




We still have a little of the outside gyprock and plastering to do before we can get to painting. Well that will be me too as Jackaroo doesn't fancy painting all that much.

Soon it will be time to paint, move the benches in and he can get set up! Yay!!




Jack n Kat xo

April 10

PS and we know the panelling should normally run vertical, it's called cost savings man and still looks pretty good!


2 responses to “She Shoots, She Sew’s, She Stains!

  1. Looking great, guys. Unusual to have the panelling on the top half of the wall? I thought it was usually on the bottom half, or are you going to go all the way down? It’s great you can do it all on your own!! Your talents know no end.

    • Lol! Yeah I know Pearl, but we decided that you won’t see it behind the benches, small room still need it firmly light in there with all the dark timber going in, and it hold be running vertical too. She’ll be jake! It will be unusual, lol!

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