Territorial Marshalls Club Match

We fiiiiinally got to shoot this weekend at the club match where Saturday saw a roll up of 72 cowboys n cowgirls itching for some, fun, practice and laughs! The weather was perfect although a little windy towards the end, we made it through 6 stages.

Anywhere you go, cowboys are so friendly, can't do enough for each other and very different to other sports whether you choose to take the competitive route or just in there for the fun of it. Well after all it IS fun, if you're not having fun then there is something wrong!

We had a good mix of new shooters and old, new friends and some that we have shot with before.

That's 'Missouri Mae' shooting above (top left), very fast! 'Hey You' counting (top right) and we got to meet the lovely little miss 'Paisley' this weekend, who at 12 has decided she might have a go.

With 'Waterloo' and 'Hey You' as her Dad and Mom (yes for the Aussies I know it should be Mum but trying to do the right thing by the subjects) then she won't have any problems at all getting up to speed quick smart!!

She was already thinking about hats, clothes and guns after shooting just the hand guns and rifle! I'm sure we will be seeing much more of her now.

Today, Sunday, saw a gathering (for the second round) of 26 go through another 6 stages! What a weekend! 'Tacky Jackie' (bottom left) and 'Flat Top Okie' (bottom right) playing at the adobe wall stage.

Windy today and bit over cast but any rain forecast held out until we were home this afternoon. Me having a go above and Jackaroo below.

Tomorrow it's back into the loading room again, we are getting there. Oh and the mysterious part that fell out of my sewing machine in transit?! Fixed, serviced and now I'm almost ready for sewing action. Yee haa!


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