It’s Snowing!!!

Well I let all our Canberrans friends know on Facebook last night that the weather would be doing some strange things like it does there. However! We haven't had a day there with such a change like this in a very long time!

As I mentioned we have up to 30C the past few days and today it's expected to only reach 11C. Now I know I've slept in a little this morning and it's now 9.25am and it's snowing!!!!

Opened up the blind to this!

I know it doesn't look much – soft big flakes blowing in – settle for a little and then melt.

1C feels like -6C (34F feels like 22F) – today will be an inside day, well working in the garage at least but rugged up!

Monday Morning 14th April, have a great day wherever you are.

Kat xo


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