“Land Run” Banquet and Awards

It has been another sensational “Land Run” catching up with friends of old, Facebook friends now met and meeting some terrific new cowboys and cowgirls I am happy to say I've met and are now friends.

Posse 1 – we had a great mix of people, everyone helping and working, this time with a number of lady shooters and did we have some fun.

Here is our posse photo and I'll let you know who they all were.

From left to right at back is: Snootfuller, Silver Sam, Prospector, Major Forsyth, Jackaroo, Prairie Drifter, Kathouse Kelli, Calamity Jake, Broncho Red, Oklahoma Outlaw, Trooper Tyree

Middle left to right (starting just below Jackaroo): Bitterroot Jim, Black Jack Rodes, Stonewall, Trent

Front from left to right is: Ricochet Ron, Idaho Sue, Lucinda Tincup, Pinky Jo, Marshal'ette Halloway, Chocktaw Jim, High Plains Smokey, Sagebrush Kate, Marshal Mayhem, Just Enuff Jean and Rock Candy

We had a number of people from our posse that placed in their categories!!

Maj. Forsyth, Jackaroo, Broncho Red, High Plains Smokey, Black Jack Rodes, Just Enuff Jean, Marshal Mayhem, Marshal'ette Halloway, Lucinda Tincup, Idaho Sue and myself. Trooper Tyree shot clean and my apologies to anyone in our Posse that I may have missed in the recognition.

Now Jack finished 6th in his category, if it was a big category they placed more than just to 3rd. Now I know he wasn't too happy and probably won't be for putting his picture in here but I'm proud of him, so it's in!

So for my first time shooting a Wild Bunch side match I won Ladies Traditional (but just quietly I think I was in fact the only one shooting ladies traditional, so come on ladies come play!) I also picked up 2nd in Lady Wrangler to our great friend 'Missouri Mae' (who finished 1st Lady Wrangler and 1st Lady overall!) Side matches, won – Ladies Rimfire Rifle, Pocket Pistol, and Trail Walk AND Best Dressed Woman for the evening. Woo hoo!

Now while we are talking awards etc here, I must make mention that our fellow Australians also placed in their categories, 'Rooster Cockburn' 4th and 'Constable Nelson' 1st and coming 2nd overall. 42 people of the 354 shooters shot clean, and these pair were part of those. Well done!!

Night, Kat xo


4 responses to ““Land Run” Banquet and Awards

  1. CONGRATS KELLI ! You look beautiful as always! Lots of wood!
    You and Jack have really done a great job on your new home. Love It!

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