The Land Run Monument

We took our guests on a little visit downtown today to the Land Run Monument, a bronze representation of the Land Run on April 22, 1889. Twenty five years in the making, the monument was finished for the centennial.

They are very impressive and incredibly detailed, would recommend to go see it if you are ever in Oklahoma City. This gives you an idea of the size of the horses and men – here I present to you 'Three Men and a Statue'. Haa!

The monument winds across the embankment taking in the Bricktown Canal as a feature to the monument, where the horses are rearing up to the fronting water crossing. There are even hoof prints made in the path and at the waters edge to give it further authenticity.

Each rider also has in their hands the flag to use for staking their plot and their party isn't without the dog trying to bite the wagon wheels as it rolls along or the jackrabbit jumping out of the way as the horses thunder through.

I think the concensus by all was a true work of art and glad we went down there. I'll be going again!

For more information about Land Run click on the link below.

For more information about the monument click on the other link.

Cheers! Kat


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