Cooking Expo

Last night we had four wonderful friends over for dinner. Nothing much out of the ordinary you might say BUT I'm still trying to work out a fancy oven and all.

Not one to do things by halves, although keeping it fairly simple, I decided cake would need to be had with coffee after dinner.

Inspired by my daughters new Kitchen Maid and knowing that mine is packed in storage 😦 I thought I would see how my Ninja would tackle the job – having only been used for Margarita slushies prior to this.

Having got everything organised it was time to give it a whirl and see if it would mix effectively and whola! It did! Ha ha ha, who needs a kitchen maid now! (She says with an evil laugh)

Now to test the oven, thank goodness it has a timer on it as I get distracted easily and could have forgotten about it when doing a heap of things at once. This timer doesn't let you forget either it will just keep beeping until you get there to turn it off. (Maybe I had that before but hadn't used it?!)

Now I had to disappoint Melody when she asked about how I 'made' the icing…..I didn't! It was a Betty Crocker one, whip it up a bit and spread it on. Must say it did taste pretty damn good and one could be forgiven to think it was home made. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon sugar on and it's done!

So you may ask, what the hell did you have for the rest of the dinner? Ummm forgot to get pics of everything laid out and with guests enjoying it. We had chicken involtini (can't get veal here so had to improvise) – chicken with eggplant and capsicum/red peppers rolled up in it, seasoned sweet potato, corn, peas, dinner rolls. Chicken turned out perfect, sweet potato could have been a little crisper but all in all it worked!

It was a perfect clear evening, just divine, great company and look forward to many more.

Happy cooking (and eating!) Kat xo


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