Arcadia, Route 66

Thought I would do quick little burst of history seeing as we travel this short stretch of historic highway every time we go out to the range.

To get to the OKC Gun Club and the Territorial Marshal's we actually travel on the Route 66 passing legendary points such as 'Pop's' and 'Arcadia Round Barn' and also a marker signifying Washington Irvings Camp.

Today on our way back from the club picnic (and I mean the whole club, all disciplines – like we've never seen before!) and being such a beautiful day we stopped and read the marker.

Near this particular marker in 1832 Washington Irving and a troop of US Rangers were camped. Apparently hunting wild horses and was written in his book “Ringing the Wild Horse” where he describes the event.

(Photo from website, I didn't get to take a picture)

Next to the Round Barn. Was built in 1898, the owners William and Myra Odor. It is 60 feet in diameter and 45 feet high, the only true round barn as most are hexagonal or octagonal. Originally planned as a barn for livestock and hay, Mr Odor's fellow workers convinced him to upgrade the upper floor to be used for dances etc. Obviously it decayed over time and in 1992 it was a project of restoration for a retired builder named Luther “Luke” Robison.

We couldn't go upstairs today to check out the inside of the roof as there was a private function.

Then we past Pop's with its iconic soda pop bottle out front. I will have to wait until a Tuesday night skeet night at the range before I can get a night time picture of it lit up in all it's neon glory!

Oh and it's half price burgers Tuesdays as well! Yay!

For more info about Arcadia and it's historic landmarks click on the links below.

Cheers Jack n Kat xo


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