Sewing F……..P…’s

Faux Pas! Faux Pas people, what were you thinking? I know, most of you know me very well and that was NOT what I was thinking at all but just trying to be polite. Stuff it I'm really NOT a lady either! Haa haa haa. Well maybe sometimes.

So yesterday I set out making Jack two new shirts, fabric he picked out and we bought in LA garment district last year. (I know bit slow but finally getting round to it) well the first mistake was putting the placket on the wrong side for a mans shirt.

Yes there is a difference in case you didn't know. Men's buttons left over right, women's right over left. Or as our friend 'Aspen Filly' described it “women are always right and men are just left overs”. Too funny. Fixed that one and carried on.

Anyway in the past I have cut out Jacks shirts and had to cut an inch off in the side seams so I did the usual. Now my Pa always taught me with woodwork to measure twice cut once, so why, when Jack's been grazing in the best paddock for the past couple of months did I not remeasure?

Stupid girl, be more smart. So here I sit after tossing them aside and determined to change the over locking/serger thread back to white will grit my teeth and unpick yet again and fix this!

Sighhhh and I only had collar and button holes to go.

Well – suck it up Princess and get on with it!

Thanks for listening, or laughing, or shaking your head. Have a great day!

Kat xo



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