Crisis Averted

I realised this morning whilst doing my workout that something was missing from the sewing room. Things weren’t quite the same and I really needed to change it up to stop any disasters from occurring as in the past two days.

Yes, I’m missing my favourite movies! Burlesque and Maverick. (Jack says, but you’ve watched them a million times already! And?) So before I went any further today I had them downloaded in a flash and ready for action!

Who’d have thought? Everything is in order and I have been on fire all day! Another shirt almost complete, checked for sizing, no mistakes to unpick (touch wood, I have the cuffs and collar to do yet) and ready to hit ‘Paisley’s’ gorgeous lime, hot pink and white.

Life is sweet. Jack’s got a gun cart to make so that gives him something to do and finding that a new saw that actually cuts straight is saving him time, so he’s having fun too.

Woo hoo! Better get back into it and Burlesque my way through the next lot……now I think I might need Bridesmaids as well.

Yeah! Have a spectacular day! 🙂

Kat xo



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