Kansas, Here We Come!

Up bright and sparky early this morning, car is packed and we are ready to hit the road along with a seat full of car projects to be done. (Sewing on buttons this time)

Bit of a dull day, hopefully we won't get too much rain along the way.

We will hit some more of Route 66, through Sapulpa, Tulsa, Claremore and the Will Rogers Museum, Catoosa and the Blue Whale and what ever else we may find along the way – Foil, Miami, Commerce and Quapaw.


See ya soon Dorothy!


Kat xo


2 responses to “Kansas, Here We Come!

  1. I hope this gets through…….. I sent it to the yahoo email I had and it came back…….

    Hi Kathouse,

    I saw your posts on the trip up to KS from OK. Here’s a side trip if you can fit it in. Coffeyville KS, yes that Coffeyville, lots of history for the outlaws but there’s another site you need to see if you can. The Brown Mansion, it’s really an amazing old place with some of the most incredible Tiffany glass. We made this drive from Tulsa when we were there a few years ago. Also, Loco loved the JM Davis museum when he was there (I wasn’t on that trip) said he could have taken another day wandering around checking out the guns. If I remember correctly what’s on display is only a fraction of the collection he had amassed.

    Enjoy, Sable

    • Dang! I don’t know why some times the email doesn’t get through. Grr!
      Thanks for the info about Coffeyville, I have a funny feeling we will be heading that way at some stage but not this trip. After this shoot we head across the border into Missouri to St Joseph’s for the Pony Express Museum etc. zi’ll be sure to let the itinerary planner, aka Jack, know though!! Thanks Sable! Xo

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