PoP First Day Main Match

It's a clear sky start for a great day at the Powder Creek range, nice mild shooting weather.

Pledge of allegiance and safety briefing prior to starting.

Our Posse, Jackaroo, Kathouse Kelli, Petticoat Chaser, Flint Hills Dawg, Anvil Al, Titus A Gnatsass, Goldie Lu, Daisy Dee, Dirt Dart, Rowdy Buckshot, Cash Profitt, Shady Willie Brown, Cap'n Highpockets, Quirt Dunn, Trigger Happy Kid, Buster The Kid, Lynch M Two, Lynch M Sag, Boomstick Jay, Irish Tom, Trudy Mae. Hopefully I haven't missed anyone.

Five stages done today, smaller targets than the last few shoots, but good stages and reasonable times nonetheless. I'm clean for the day (one shotgun reengagement/fumble), 1 miss for Jack and a rifle jack out.

Pic with Chantilly today. So much fun.

Five more tomorrow yet!

Had a quick meal at the range this evening, fun with friends and side match awards of which I picked up 4!! Woo hoo!

Worn out, looking forward to tomorrow and Banquet tomorrow night.


Kat xo



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