PoP Day 2

Another gorgeous day with a slight wind made for a comfortable shooting day. Last 5 stages, with only 1 miss today for me and none for Jack. So overall that's one a piece.

We will see how it all turns out at the Banquet tonight!

Had a great Posse, made some new friends, got to shoot with some we haven't shot with before as well and was good getting to know them better.



Great shoot, recommend a visit!

Well it's hours later and all out in the wash Jackaroo finished 1st Place Senior and 4th place overall. I won Best Dressed Saloon Girl, came 1st Place Lady Wrangler, 6th place overall and 1st Lady overall!

Kudos to a great number of people that ran the shoot, Ansolutely had a blast. Great trophies too!

Top 20

1 Doc Hurd, 2 Hondo Tucker, 3 Rowdy Buckshot, 4 Jackaroo, 5 fort Hays Preacher, 6 Kathouse Kelli, 7 Croaker, 8 Mace Bishop, 9 Silent Thunder, 10 Boomstick Jay, 11 Titus A. Gnatsass, 12 Trego Kid, 13 The Brisco Kid, 14 Buster Jack, 15 Shootin Newton, 16 Digger John, 17 Flint Hills Dawg, 18 Jayhawk Jerry, 19 High Plains Hud, 20 Marshall Halloway.


Kat xo




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