End Of Trail Bound

Well I didn’t make it ‘sunny up in my eyes’ this morning – something I used to say as a kid if we were going on a holiday. Mum would say, “we aren’t going if it’s raining!” Now I don’t actually know if she would have ever followed through with that but I would dream to make it ‘sunny up’ for the morning so we could go.

Thank goodness I don’t wait for it to be sunny up now! A ripper of a thunderstorm at 3am this morning and light rain as we left at 6.45am, we are headed for Edgewood, New Mexico for the Single Action Shooting World Championships.

On the I40 heading west it’s overcast with some cloud.

But onward through Texas and then into the enchanted land that is New Mexico! We gain an hour and it’s clear blue skies and dead straight roads.

We’ve unpacked and set up for the week in a little Motel in Edgewood full of cowboy shooters, now it’s out to the range to check in, catch up with some Cowboys n Cowgirls from US, AUS and NZ at least!

See ya on the range!

Kat xo

Meanwhile a few hours later, (Couldn’t get internet when we first arrived) been to the range, checked in, lots of vendors and more to come by the looks, met up with our mates and met some new people as well. Yee haa!!

Bring on Warm Up tomorrow!


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