Warm Up EOT

Headed out to range today for Safety Meeting at 9am, then wandered the range checking out the set up, catching up with old faces making our way back down all 12 stages to the car to grab our guns and gear for the 1pm warm up session.

We shot with Savage Sam, RC Shot, and Kiwis – Ruby Redsmoke, White Lightning Jack, Wild Willie Kiwi, Tuscon the Terrible and a whole heap of other cowboys n cowgirls. Had a great time and shot stages 9 thru 12 but different from main match.

Jack and I both shot some good times but both had a fumbled stage each.

Now it's beers and cheers! I've added to the farmers tan today and yes I did put sunscreen on – I just forgot to start earlier because we are closer to the sun here at 7000ft above sea level!!! 🙂

Here's a few happy snaps from today.

Cheers Kat xo


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