Tales of End of Trail

Founders Ranch, Edgewood, NM, where games are won and lost in the world of cowboy action shooting. The 33rd Annual End Of Trail 2014 World Championships have been held under a clear blue New Mexico sky, hot and dry conditions with plenty of the usual fine powdery dust.

(That's why I'm sitting in the laundromat now – trying to get dirt and dust out of white petticoats!)


This year we were on Posse 22 – Apostle Charlie, Bordello Baz, Doc Rankin, Downunder Undertaker, Ex Sighted, Jackaroo, Kathouse Kelli, Johnny Behan, Max Montana, Pious Player, Shanley Shooter, Tejon Buckaroo, The Bandit, US Grant, Whiplash Whitey and the lovely Singin' Sue stayed to do scoring for us!

A few new faces, a few from Australia with us and a few we already knew. Fun, fun, fun!

Three days of fun at that! Thursday through Saturday were the main match days where I finished clean!!! Jack was clean……….with a P. Dang!

It was an interesting match, targets were up close and speedy, and THAT's what made it interesting for the faster shooters! The top 16 shoot out was again, as always, fun to watch (Savage Sam from Aus and Ruby Redsmoke and White Lightning Jack from NZ in it) watching the Wild Bunch shoot out as well which R C Shot from Aus was in. (Alvira Sullivan Earp was too but didn't shoot)

Scores were done, rank points added up to see who'd be the best in the world. Congratulations to all 539 shooters who attended EOT, and 127 clean shooters this year, I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Jack finished 12th in Senior category and 108th overall, I finished 4th in Lady Wrangler category and 145th overall.

There were 23 Australians and 8 New Zealanders this year which was pretty cool, with half or just over half placing in the top 10 of their category and receiving a buckle. A very credible 2nd place to Savage Sam in the Cowboy Category and 3rd place to Alvira Sullivan Earp in Ladies Senior category and to Ruby Redsmoke 1st and World Champion in Ladies B-Western!

Top honours this year and your 2014 World Champions (I thought I was T-Bone Dooley and Ringo Fire announcing then!lol!) are Men's – Cobra Cat and Ladies – Sasskicker, who I might just add is only 16 years old!

Besides all the fun with the shooting Friday evening was the saloon night “Daggers and Derringers”. Five of us contested the saloon girl/soiled dove competition with Diamond Blaze taking first and a derringer, the rest of us received a Damascus blade dagger!

Saturday night was the party night and yes I did manage to be able to dance in an 1887 bustle dress with reasonable ease from boot-scooting to two-step. BUT the best part of all is seeing everyone dressed in their finest and seeing all who go in the Best Dressed Costume contest. This year I won 1st place Best Dressed Lady! Yes! I finally got it right with my 1887 walking dress for day on the streets of Tombstone!



Kat xo



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