Cave of The Winds

Before we left Manitou Springs/Colorado Springs this morning, we headed for Cave of The Winds, up a winding road – with no guard rails!

Spectacular views from the top into the gorge below and beyond to Manitou Springs township. There is also the Bat-a-pult, a zip line that runs across the gorge, forwards AND backwards. Crazy kids! And a climbing gym of sorts which looked really cool and Inwould have done that had it not been so freaking cold and no tights or gym shoes to do it in.

The cave, well it was a cave, spectacular in its own right bit some stalactites obviously now lie dormant due to the lack of knowledge back in the day as to how they grow. BUT still some very good sights and did enjoy going through it. The guides have a wealth of knowledge from the very early days of locating the cave and beyond.

Temperature in the cave was 12C/54F but I can tell you it certainly felt warmer than the outside temp when we started.

The cave was discovered in 1881, reportedly by two 10 year old boys and upon hearing the moaning (the winds blowing across holes in the rock structure) told others in the town of the 'haunted cave'. Explorers looked into it more and over the years many including tourists would crawl through the cave on their bellies with candles for light taking hours to see the cave but unfortunately 'taking souvenir's' leaving some of the stalactites and stalagmites unable to continue to grow over the years.

All in all, a nice tour taking about 40minutes, some steep and very narrow access passages within.


Kat xo

P.S. Thankfully it's warmer again in Fort Collins and looking forward to Warm Up and Wild a Bunch at Nunn, CO tomorrow!


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