4th July, Independence Day 2014

Here we are Independence Day in the United States, July 4th.

Now despite my being Australian, I like to think I have an affinity with America due to the fact that today is also my birthday and the second I have spent in the States.

I decided we needed to have patriotic outfits for the Colorado State Championship shoot given it would be over the July 4th weekend and of course Jack was up for it!

So here we are in our costume for today.

Today was first day of Main Match, having shot side matches and Wild Bunch yesterday including the very interesting side match – Annie Oakley – where you shoot the rifle over your shoulder lining your sights up using a hand held mirror, closest to target wins. Was not easy but a lot of fun!

Our Posse for the weekend consists of Aspen Filly, Aspen Wrangler, Blazen Vaquero, Dog Man, Dynamite Mary, Hurricane Camille, Hyman Old Cowhand, Jackaroo, Kathouse Kelli, Smokewagon Bill, Sonora Blaze, WB Earp, Sadie Marcus, San Juan, Trego Kid, Tahachapi Hornn, Union Jack. A great bunch of people, everyone’s working, shooting good and having fun.

Most people were wearing red or patriotic Stars and Stripes in any form or combination of red, white and blue! Was great to see!

Aspen Filly and Aspen Wrangler.

And myself with Turquoise Queen.

So one day down, second day main match tomorrow followed by a dinner at the Full Moon Saloon and side match awards tomorrow evening. Shoot out and awards on Sunday.

Stay tuned!!

Kat xo









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