CO State Championships Main Match

It was clear skies heading to the range Saturday morning after a spectacular fireworks display over Fort Collins last night for Independence Day celebrations.

We could see the mountains, a gorgeous sight with some small patches of snow still on the tops of the “Fourteeners”.

Second day of shooting was done on Saturday ending up with 4 misses for me and a clean match for Jackaroo! Well done man!

Thank you Posse 5, great work! And to all those who helped out with this shoot for some 165+ Shooters, good match, thanks Pawnee Station and to The Full Moon Saloon for shutting down their bar to host a bunch of cowboys n cowgirls for fun, frivolity, banquet and games on Saturday night.

This morning, Sunday, was another hot start to the day with many throwing their name tag in the bucket and being drawn to see who’s going head to head in the Top Gun Challenge. We had a crack at it but small mistakes mean it’s anyone’s game for this! Congratulations to Painted Filly who came in for our round when I dropped a shot and to Shaky when Jackaroo was ahead then fumbled with his last two rounds, theirs was a very close match!

When it was all said and done, the final winners of the Top Gun Challenge were Lefty Jo and Gateway Kid! Yee haa!

Out of the 165 odd shooters there were 11 of them that had a clean match including our Aussies, Jackaroo and Sam Balin.

When it all came out in the wash, there were a lot of very happy shooters – myself and Jack included.

Jack finished 1st Place Senior, Cat Tracker 2nd Place and Colorado State Champion, 3rd Place Mountain Mike (?). Yay! An unexpected win for Jackaroo as he truly thought he had mucked up on a few stages that would have cost him a placing.

In Lady Wrangler category I finished 1st Place, Turquoise Queen 2nd Place and Colorado State Champion, 3rd Place Ivy Wild.

While I was taking photos of others and not paying attention, I heard Red River Wrangler announce they were going to read out the top 10, (thinking top 10 combined) when I sat back down they were going through some ladies names and next thing I know, Lefty Jo is standing with her hand extended and me wondering what the hell she was doing when they called my name as 1st Lady overall!! Wow, very much a surprise!

So a good weekend finish for both of us. Had a ball!

AND I need to mention that the 2014 Colorado State Champions are Cobra Cat and Lefty Jo! Our very hearty congratulations to two fantastic people.


Kat xo

P.S. An outstanding year for Cobra Cat, Cowboy National Champion, World Champion and now State Champion. A true young gentleman to boot – just sayin’! 🙂






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