To comment, or not to comment….

Well, that IS the question.

I seem to be getting a lot of comments that may be spam, some relate to games which I have no idea even what they are, some maybe genuine and I will hereby apologise if your comment has not been approved and showing on this website.

Everything I post on this blog is my own words, some memorised from tours and information we have read in the Museums and attractions we attend. Therefore the information is correct as far as my recollection.

I do not proclaim to have it all right which is why I will try and include some of the websites for direct contact with the place we have been or additional information through Wikipedia and other service providers of historical information.

Our blog is intended to keep family and friends (and anyone else who might find it informative or amusing) up to date with our mundane, to more adventurous travels, history tours and competitions etc while we enjoy our extended holidays.

I hope you all continue to follow The Adventures of Jack n Kat and that I can keep you somewhat entertained or give you ideas for your own holidays!

Kat xo



4 responses to “To comment, or not to comment….

  1. I may now comment much but still follow the Jack n Kat Show. Truly happy Y’all are having a great time here in the States n wish y’all the best. “TwoShot ” said so. 

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