Gotta Love Another Summer

Mmmmmm, yes, warm days and sunshine!

We went out and about today, dropping off boots for repairs to heels and soles – much needed for Cowboy Action Shooting!

We joined the gym – yes folks you heard it first WE joined a gym. Fitness session Monday and then into it! Woo hoo! I can't wait, much cheaper here than in Australia too. Now I can get back to boxing as well. Yeah.

Jack will survive if only using the treadmills as they have tv's and cable tv so I'm sure he won't be leaving until a Western has finished playing perhaps!?! Haa haa haa. He is looking forward to some weights as well though.

Bought some plants finally for the pots we bought a few months ago and then spent a little time this arvo potting Salvia's 'May Night'.

This evening we have had a barbecue happening or a grill you might say here. Delicious!

As we sit here in the quiet with crickets in the background (very slight traffic noise and the hum of air conditioners) the fans are providing some gentle breeze as we watch the sun set. Sensational!

Citronella candle burns to keep the mozzies away – yep, they're here as well!

Heading in for more of 'Hell On Wheels' soon. while I catch up on boring ironing.

Hope you are having a fantabulous weekend! Tomorrow we are off to Stillwater for their club match.

Catchya! Kat xo


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