Nobbys Beach, Newcastle

A beautiful sunny day, so we headed into Newcastle to the harbour and Nobbys Beach.

Walking gear on, we walked all the way along the break wall and saw the seals playing in the swell. They were just rolling around close to the rocks, shielding their faces with their flippers and just cruising.

Water was spectacular and clear, a little on the cool side to start with but quickly seemed nice as we ditched the shoes and walked back round along the beach!

Plenty of blue bottles washed up on the beach, you don't want to be getting stung by these that's for sure!

Oh look we were here! 🙂

Back to the lifeguard area and the flags……meant to be swimming between the flags when rips are present or the surf is choppy. The lifeguards look after people on the beach should they end up in trouble swimming.

Soooo, I was getting to the point where you know you are in Australia – over the loudspeaker one of them yells out to two women swimming out of the flags '…..the two swimmers mid way down the beach, you need to move up and swim between the flags, fair dinkum they are there for a reason…' Baaaa haaa haaa!! Classic.

Hope your day was good too!

Kat xo


One response to “Nobbys Beach, Newcastle

  1. Very nice to hear from you n Jack Aroo , I enjoy reading about your experience on both continents Australia n USA , I wish you well and happy to know you. “TwoShot “.

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