Cundletown Couture

Visited with Mum and Dad for a couple of days (and Aunty Susan whilst she is staying there) on our continuation up the coast. I didn't get into Taree sorry Fiona, I'll call you this week!

So besides visiting, I needed to get Lethal Lilly's dress tried on her and check for any alterations that may be required (and to use Mums machines while I had access!) All good in that department! Got her petticoat made but still not quite happy with it and added another two extra double layered frills last night to give it the oomph I was after.

Success! Only hand stitching to go.

Now I had to laugh, Mum says “you putting a zip in that?” I nearly died as most costumers or seamstress's of period correct clothing would recoil in horror at that statement! I laughed and explained why I wasn't putting a zip in, her retort I think went a little something like “I don't have time for that s$@#!” Haa haa haa sounds about right for Mum.

Side note – zips were first invented in 1851 however didn't get into production or marketed for garment use until 1937 if I'm correct.

AND she was a good teacher, having learnt all my first sewing skills from her. She showed me a couple of new tricks for the embroidery program while I was there this trip too. She is very clever at manipulating graphics to create new embroidery designs, so there is still more for me to learn from her yet.

Well, now we have left Cundletown, had breaky at Port Macquarie turn off and now reading (shock horror) 18th Century Embroidery Techniques book, wondering if I can't recreate some of these fabulous works of art with a modern day machine and perhaps just a little hand sewing.

Have a great day wherever you may be and welcome to Australia Aspen Wrangler and Aspen Filly! They should have landed in Sydney an hour ago, see you guys in QLD.

Kat xo


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