North to Gold Coast

Been through Coffs Harbour, Grafton and will be stopping in Woodburn for lunch.

We are now heading into sugar cane country but the cane fields don’t appear to be as healthy as in the past. Has the rain affected the crop? Or is it harvest time? I’m sure when we’ve taken this route before at the same time of year that it’s been a lot greener.

It’s gorgeous blue skies and warm sunshine at our lunch stop in Woodburn and the best BLT with sweet chilli sauce. A slight breeze, enough to keep the Aussie flags and NSW one flying high.

Cruising up the highway and approaching beautiful Byron Bay – looks inviting today. In the middle pic if you look hard you might see the lighthouse on the headland.

We made it into the Gold Coast, below is a glimpse of part of the Gold Coast horizon, the beaches are in behind the high rises. Went and did a few things at Pacific Fair and then landed at Dug and Trixies. A great night of catchup!!

Kat xo

19 Sept


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