Bordertown Blast!

Today was warm up day, 3 waves of 3 posses for a 3 stage warm up called 'Bordertown Blast'.

A happy cowgirl am I! A slight hiccup on one with the rifle but otherwise 3 clean 19sec stages.

Jack on the other hand didn't have such a good day which hopefully means tomorrow he will be on fire!

Targets are up close and personal which means you can miss as fast as you can shoot! You can bet your bottom dollar for some there will be more brass with lead still in it coming out the top than there will be empty brass for some.

Vendors row has some good people there and three choices for food should make for a great shoot.

Bring on the first of 6 main match stages tomorrow, we are in Posse 2 starting 7.30am.

Have a great day!

Love Kat xo


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