AZ State Championship, Bordertown 2014

And so today began with an early start and at the range for the 7am shooters meeting. 6 stages of fun for the day.

It's a cool crisp start to the day but soon warmed up to around 87F/33C so tomorrow shooting in the afternoon it's going to be quite warm!

We have a good Posse of 27 shooters: Arizona Thunder, Beartrap, Big Hat, Big Iron Buster, Bootstrap Richard, Cat Ballou, Celtic Rover, Choctaw Gal, Don Cisco, Evergreen Rose, Gully, I Plantem, Jackaroo, Kathouse Kelli, Kenny Ted, Kick Ass Mule, Kid Rich, Lawless Lori Sue, Meadow Biscuit Slim, MK Coyote, Shirttail Bess, Stagecoach Sally, Swegian Lady, Tex, Texas Mac, Texas Flower and Whooper Crane.

Everyone is working, friendly and we've met some new people as well this time.

We have the afternoon to relax and then it will be drinks on the deck followed by steaks at The Depot tonight.

Have a good one!

Kat xo


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