Heading ‘cross Texas

Travelled along the Highway 380 out of New Mexico and into Texas, full of oil derricks and cotton fields, it's like déjàvu. I could swear we've been on this route before but apparently not.

Well if it wasn't through here must have been the top end of Texas or Oklahoma coming from somewhere else through extremely similar roads and fields.

Hang on now got Reddy Vineyards on one side!! Five Star Vineyards, now I know we haven't been this road before.

Onwards we go, where we'll stop, nobody knows.

Through cactus, cattle and scrub, flat fields carefully tilled, more cotton for miles…………the sun is now behind us as we turn North/East.

Hours later we are stopping for the night at Haskill, nope, no room at the inn, on another 99miles to Witchita Falls.

……a longggggg day.

Night! Kat xo


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