Cowboys and Aliens, Lincoln to Roswell

A quick trip to the unopened Museum this morning, had to get some pics of these horses, they are made from metal and each one has a plaque about the different breeds.
From Ruidoso and it’s quaint little mountain shops, cabins and lodges heading up through Capitan heading down the road to Lincoln.

The deer are happy here too, they are just grazing in someone’s backyard at 9.40am in the morning!

Smokey Bear’s home is Capitan a tiny little place out in the back parts of New Mexico on the Billy The Kid Scenic Byway through to Lincoln.

Lincoln, once known as Las Placitas del Rio Bonito before it’s name change in 1869 when Lincoln County was established. Lincoln County is the biggest county in the US. It is said that a combination of 95 proof whiskey and gunpowder together caused a number of fights between cowboys and the subsequent Lincoln County Wars.

The Murphy Dolan store run by Riley, Murphy and Jimmy Dolan – the Irish boys – became very prosperous, known as ‘the house’ they had much control over the town. Soon John Chisum, John Henry Tunstall and Alexander McSween sorted to trade in mercantile, a law office, bank and ranching trying to get some sway over ‘the house’.

The 1878 murder of Tunstall, signifies a breakdown of law and order in the county and begins the Lincoln County Wars. McSween was gunned down when forced to flee his burning home and Billy The Kid made a daring escape they say. To cut a long story short, it was during this time that Sheriff Pat Garrett then found and forced Billy’s surrender and brought him back to Lincoln sentenced to hang. The vigilante regulator then, whilst manacled, killed both his guards and escaped the second story of the Lincoln Courthouse.

You can see a marker through the window where it is said Billy shot Deputy Bell. ( and Robert Olinger)

The torreon an adobe structure turret still stands in the centre of town where settlers once hid during Apache Indian raids.

The Mission of San Juan and a number of other buildings still exist perfectly preserved in history. A neat little place if you are bypassing through there.

Now it’s back in the car and heading to Roswell, NM. Home of aliens, ufo’s, Area 51 and all things explained………or are they? First sighting was said to have occurred July 4, 1947.

A visit to the International UFO Museum to see the many articles, Military documents, photos, sightings, abduction pictures and stories. Can you form an opinion as to whether they existed or exist?

In my opinion there is too much evidence to not think there is something unexplained or covered up from years gone by. Same as crop circles, they have often fascinated me, I even did interpretations in my ceramic work some time ago. No one would have the time to be able to do that without leaving a mark and without someone seeing them do it.

Believe or to not believe? (Insert movie alien questioning sounds here)

The truth is out there! Kat xo













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