Ruidoso, NM

We left Tombstone Arizona and into New Mexico under warm, light cloudy skies today heading to visit another cowboy town of Lincoln.

Got the tunes on in the car and contemplating sleep or beading Jacks vest. More than likely it will be both!

Through Las Cruces New Mexico, where everything blends into the landscape. Most places in New Mexico you don't realise just how big they are because you can't really see the houses as they blend in with the landscape.

NASA facilities are close by and this is the view from the other side of San Augustin Pass elev.5719ft approaching White Sands Missile facilities. Excuse me while I try to pop my ears again.

We made a stop into White Sands Missile Range, no photos of the port of entry gates thanks, get your visitor pass and you can walk into the Museum to partake in a quick fascinating tour of missiles and other interesting artefacts from the facility. I can hear an alien whistling sound outside…..,they're coming to take me away ha ha!

It's really flat in the valley but you could hide stuff out here which makes sense as to why they chose the site all those years ago I suppose. It gives me a weird, somewhat uneasy feeling. An interesting place I can say I have visited nonetheless.

These gorgeous white sand dunes out in the middle of the New Mexico nothingness are the edge of White Sands National Monument. Photo doesn't really do it justice, it is white, white sand.

On to Ruidoso we go, looks more like a town in Colorado with it's pine trees but yes still in New Mexico. Home of Billy The Kid scenic byway and close to Roswell and Lincoln. Check out the timber carvings! You don't just get your usual bears here!

Spending the night here and will head to Lincoln and elsewhere tomorrow.


Kat xo


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