CAC and The Kings Feast

A little cooler for Halloween, a change is on it's way through for the weekend. It it's a clear sunny sky.

We shot the first 5 stages today – 1 through 5 – clean and easy, not so bad, had fun, chilly towards the end. In fact the gloves stayed on for the most part!!


Posse 14 is a good working posse with everyone getting in and doing something at some point through the day.

It's Halloween and Slicks gang have brought chocolates, Halloween add ons to their hats and dressed up their gun carts! Very cool guys.

I had a go at the 'shoot and scoot' side match after. What a hoot! You had the whole 3 bays to run down, 6 or 7 pistols, a rifle, 3 shotguns – a side by side, double trigger, an 87 lever and a hammered shotgun! Woo woo! All with them yelling wise cracks, cowboy abuse etc as you are trying to shoot. All I could do as giggle!

I won Speed Pistol and the Ladies shoot and scoot. Missouri Mae won Speed 97 and Derringer? Other side event winners, C R Hicock, Highland Scottie, Still Smokin, Tail N Kid, Lady Gaitor, Little Dipper, Prestidgitator, Sidekick and Slicks Sharp Shooter to name a few. Congratulations to all!

The Kings Feast was indeed like medieval times. Soup in your, to keep '2014 Farewell Party Comin at Cha', purple mug, roll, then corn, chicken piece, potato and a turkey leg, throw in a Danish to finish (or not, more like bring home for later).


There were crowns to be worn, jousting, sword fighting, archery and general hollering at the tables and see who could make the most noise! Sensational!


The Durango band followed all that up with dancing and tunes. Yee haa good job Dooley Gang!

An early start tomorrow for our Posse, catch ya when the suns shinin' again.

Kat xo


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