Farewell Party Comin’ At Cha

Saturday was second day of the South West Regional and it was cold cold cold. Everyone was rugged up, hand warmers and all, taking off layers as we took our turn to shoot. Ahh the joys of the early shift!


Still, Posse 14 – Big Iron Buster, Evergreen Rose, Bill Carson, Cassalong Hopidy, Cherokee Sergeant, Dew R Dye, Mr Black, Lead Ringer, Miss Behavin, Koda Joe, Safecracker Solon, Georgia Slick, Dr Slick, Slicks Sharp Shooter, Prestidgitator, Jackaroo and myself had an absolute fabulous time and we didn't let the cold get to us!


Shedding layers as we took our turns to shoot we got through on time and then of course the breeze dropped to nothing and it warmed up a little.

As usual the Dooley Gang put on a good show, the guys were blinged up in their coloured and sparkling suits! Awards were commenced with Outlaw, Plainsman and Wild Bunch.


I took out 1st Place Ladies Traditional this time with Brazos Belle taking 2nd. Congratulations to all other award winners for these categories!


On to main match awards – Jackaroo 4th in Senior. Congratulations to I Reckon 1st, Blind Bob 2nd, Aberdeen 3rd, Jackaroo 4th and all other Senior winners including fellow Okie, I B Slow!

Congratulations for Lady Wrangler category winner Dew R Dye 1st, Missouri Mae (Okie as well) 2nd, Kathouse Kelli 3rd and all other LW winners!


Regulars at the OKC club who placed also included, Roy's Creek Dan, Highland Scottie, Flat Top Okie, Green Hills Bart, Fast Fingers Green, Scott Wayne, Marley Belle, and C R Hicock – Buckaroo winner!

Overall Men's Champion was Side Kick and Ladies Champion was Dew R Dye with the Southwest Regional Champions being Men's, Oklahoma Dee and for the Ladies, Missouri Mae! Yayyyy!! Congratulations to a fabulous bunch of shooters!


With the buckle, the first place prize for category winners was a pair of chaps with the category stamped and painted into the belt and had the Bar 3 brand on the leg of the chaps. What a thoughtful and unusual prize!


Following this was a fireworks display over the lake which lasted for about 15-20minutes. Sensational, love fireworks!! We left at that point as this little saloon girl was getting cold but for those wanting to see it through the party continued on in the barn again after the fireworks.


Thank you to T-Bone Dooley, Ellie Gant for your hospitality and an awesome shoot and to all your many helpers and other Dooley Gang members that worked tirelessly – Nuttin Graceful, Honey B Graceful, Ringo Fire, Dirt Dart, Daisy Dee, Whiskey Creek Johnson, Iron Maiden, Copperhead Joe, Miss Bo, Mose and Bella Spencer to name but a few.

Kat xo


2 responses to “Farewell Party Comin’ At Cha

  1. Hey Mumma Bear, Can we get a close look at that wig in the first photo on fb or something? It looks pretty cool! (P.S. looking super adorable in the first photo!! 😛 )

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