Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia…..BUT…,everyone has something to be thankful for throughout the year, so Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We were invited by friends to attend their family thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. Not having done this before, when asked what we should bring the response was a bottle of wine.

Well me being me and not content with that, I wanted to take a “thank you” gift for having us and for being such good friends.

So what was I to do?! Research began….maybe I could make something but what!? I found on Pinterest a cookie/biscuit recipe which seemed appropriately festive for a Thanksgiving Gift – Apple Cider Caramel Cookies.

I managed to find all the ingredients after the checkout chick at Crest asked if we had found everything today, ahh not quite, do you have Spiced Apple cider drink mix powder sachets? and one guy says yes on aisle 1! Dah dah! Now I can make these cookies!!!

I still have no clue as to what I'm doing but they damn sure sound like they should taste fantastic

So here's the ingredients.


I set about to creaming butter and sugar NOT in my kitchen aid but my ninja, ehh seems to be mixing okay. Not exactly creamed.


Next, after unwrapping numerous individual caramels we are ready for rolling said dough and enclosing caramels inside.


Do I have too much dough around them? No idea.


15mins in the oven later and they smell absolutely divine! Partial success for now.


Of course we will have to try them with a cuppa later just to make sure the pass muster.

SO next thing is how to present these? I was looking for a thanksgiving type harvest theme and came up wih these raffia lined decorative plates and some fall/autumn leaves for decoration but not content with that decided to use some of the Aussie fabric (which still hasn't made it to a shirt and corset yet after a year or so) and made two napkins to line the plates.


Then it's cookies placed, and wrapping with the added touch of more leaves, raffia ribbon, thank you tag to complete. Voila!


We will see how that goes down tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Love Kat xo

P.S. They were bloody delish!! Gooey caramel deliciousness in the middle. Happy!!




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