Friday, Fun Day

The day was supposed to be a sunny glorious day.

Well no sun and an early spotty shower forced us to buy an umbrella that then turned in to no rain whatsoever!! But what the hey, will need one eventually.

This was the start of Friday week ago when we decided we were going out for the day to check out an older part of Edmond and it's shops, antique stores and gift shops.

I didn't get to take photos of all the bronze statues as it wasn't sunny, so have saved that for another day.

The antique stores were great and plenty of Christmas decorations and ideas found when looking in there.

We found a pub!


Sweeney McGann's, an Irish-American Grill. We only had Guiness while we sat for a while but will visit again for lunch someday.


We were there just after the lunch rush. Plenty of different beers to choose from too!


Then it was on to Christmas tree shopping but I will cover that one with the putting up of the tree I think. Oh alright here's a peak at the aisles!


So after shopping for tree and decorations it was close enough to beer o'clock and my request for our day out was that we have wood fire pizza for dinner. We headed to Upper Crust not too far away from home and thankfully the time we got there beat the crowds again!


We sat at the bar and tried a couple of different beers and ate Fried Mozzarella! OMG! It's divine. Lots of calories but bloody fantastic!


The room filled and by the time we finished our pizza people were waiting for tables or a spot at the bar.

A good day in Edmond, Oklahoma!

Cheers Kat




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