Oh Christmas Tree!

Now, as I mentioned in the previous post, we went Christmas tree and decoration shopping a week ago. A new prelit tree and of course traditional AND cowboy decorations were a must.

I was telling the kids about how many decorations and different styles there were here and I promised I would get pictures for them. This is only Hobby Lobby! I haven't even been to the Christmas Shop yet.


There are trees and more trees.

Themed decorations like you wouldn't believe, Christian, cowboy, teachers, sports, different professions, baby and that's before you get to the themed colours. Then you have the ones that look like sugar decorations.


More and more and more! Lights, wreaths, table decor, you name it you can get it.

So down to the decorating, lights are up – had to get more. Two net lights for the holly tree and the bush out the front. If I could I'd have statues, blow up stuff, candy canes in the garden and more but am content with this which is okay πŸ™‚


Now the tree. I'm so excited! We have a nice 7' prelit tree with berries and snow on it! Eeeeee! Squeals of excitement. Yes I LOVE Christmas!!


We got some cowboy decorations and it only seemed fitting then to have a metal star topper.

The Christmas baubles are bronzes, golds, red and greens.

We have the odd decoration from other places like the Jack Daniels snowflake, one from the Corvette Museum, my margarita Santa from North Pole Colorado and our 2014 Oklahoma state decoration (yet to purchase tomorrow!)


Now we have a mantle (the glass shelf) above the fireplace (gas fire) so had to get stocking hangers. Hmmm will have to find the Christmas embroidery designs and think they shall have fur tops! Yes!? Well I found a beautiful vintage fabric but don't look too closely as now they are 'downunder' stockings. Grrrr 😦


What else? Oh yeah so decorations for the mantle of mason jar snowflake candles and sprigs of holly and greenery.


There must be a wreath for the door so I made one for the lonely hook that exists on the door yet hasn't been adorned the whole time we have been here – don't think I haven't wanted to make one or two or three before now though! Shhh


Of course the table can't go with out a little glitz and glamour for Christmas either so more mason jars filled with sparkly baubles for a festive feel.


Ahhh happy girl now.

Love Kat xo


2 responses to “Oh Christmas Tree!

  1. Awesome; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family on both sides of the pond. 🌲🍻🌲

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