A Group, A Gaggle, A Cluster?

As I've completed another eight beautiful or fun corsets this last couple of weeks I got to wondering, as strange ones do at times, what you would call a 'group of corsets'. Well?

A group? A gaggle? A cluster? I mean mine look like a cluster with all the cords and all jammed into the shelf. That's why I like to make a bag for my client corsets with a matching fabric tie. Corset is protected, cords can't get hooked up with others and it's neater and easy to locate the one you want. One day I'll make them for mine I guess.


A litter? A flock? A murder? Nah now that's just silly – a bevy, yeah I think a bevy of beauties sounds better.

This time it's been some fun cotton ones, some blinged, some not. One for under a custom gown. A gorgeous royal purple satin delight to go back to Texas for the rest of the outfit to be made by it's owner. Two underbust corsets with matching outfits for a local buckarette shooter and a green and black silk to head off to It's owner in New Zealand.


Have to make a new Christmas one before the Christmas club shoot!! Hmm bling? Lace? Have to wait and see.

Have a great day! Back into B-Western bling for now.

Kat xo


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