Edwardian Hat Making

I was asked by a couple of ladies from the club if I would like to Attend an Edwardian Hat Making class at the Oklahoma History Centre. Well yeah! A day out, didn't have a shoot on and to learn something new? Of course!

So today was the day. Met up with 'Sagebrush Sadie' and 'I B Real Slow' at the History Centre and together with 5 other ladies we sat and listened to Barbara regale us with stories of her various persona's she plays whilst giving education classes, history enactments etc. A lovely lady.


This class was well worth it just for her stories, however did learn new tips for making Edwardian hats. Time period you might ask? 1901 to 1910.

You know, the big hats with feathers, flowers and as much as you can fit on it just about.


Well not being one to be totally unprepared I did some research into gowns and period clothing from this time as I usually sit well in the 1870'-1880's. I didn't know whether there would be choices I would have to make so I searched for ideas so I could make a hat and later make the clothing to match.

I was getting a little ahead of myself because all supplies were of the same colouring of which I am grateful for the tuition anyway. NOW however (and I know I could have worked it out for myself should I have wanted to engage in this time period) I am wanting to indulge one day in an Edwardian outfit and of course up to 1910 still fits with SASS ladies.

Now I have visions of loveliness in cream lace and fabrics of muted colours with trims and a gorgeous voluminous hat of epic proportions!!

So thank you to Sarah of the Oklahoma History centre, in charge of class schedules and the lovely Barbara and her other volunteer assistants for a great day.

Oh! Did I tell you we got to make a hat pin as well? And 'Velvet Glove', Barbara also knows the secret of 'flag wire'! I have to make more.


Thank you lovely ladies for inviting me to go with you today, thoroughly enjoyed it.


Kat xo

P.S. Lunch was provided with class and had the backdrop of the Oklahoma State Capitol with the Winnie Mae of course!


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