Meandering Through The Sculptures

It's a beautiful Monday and an expected top of 21C/70F but already it's feeling rather warm.

I've been waiting for a gorgeous day to come and take photos of the bronze statues that adorn downtown Edmond. Before venturing out today though I wanted to try and find out more about them and locations first.

I happened across a video on You Tube by Edna Parrish which not only show many more sculptures but interviews and how the public art came to be. You can catch it at the link listed below.

Ms Parrish also mentioned the Edmond Convention and Visitors Bureau (see web link below). The ladies we met were lovely, gave us plenty of information and sent us on our way with an armful of maps and other Oklahoma places to visit in our travels across the country.

So the first bronze statue 'Las Brisas' was right across the car park at the Pelican Aquatic Centre.


Round we went into Hafer Park and found the 'Big Wish', that was easy to find. The 'Art of Peace' was eventually found after a walk around the duck pond and checking out a fat little squirrel moving in and around the trees.


Now some of them were a bit like a treasure hunt but we eventually got some sort of a system and sense of direction so we weren't doubling back on ourselves too much.

Next we found the OU Medical Center – handy to know where it was in case we ever need it – where 'Root and Wings' appears on the corner of 2nd and S Bryant.


Then 'Spirit of the Prairie' seemed like such a known location but we had never seen it and were trying to work out how we could have missed it. Well happens to be in a car park of one of the shopping outlets and have never driven in there. There they were, both elements 'The Thrasher' and 'Next Winters Bread' standing at the entrance of the building,


Onto 'Anglers', again hidden a little in a business park, such detail in his cute interpretation. Perhaps a little girl with her grandfather off to a nearby creek?


'First Star' is almost hidden by a hedge near the bank and again on a road that we travel almost every week! Although you could be forgiven for not seeing it.


This one is gorgeous! 'She Ain't Heavy', a little boy perhaps lifting his little sister or friend up to reach an apple on the tree. Looks like he has one in his pocket already too.


'Raven A and Raven B' are at the front of an OnCue gas station/service station on Broadway – passed it – have never seen it. Have now!


It's nearing lunch time so we head to the downtown area of Edmond. We parked near Edmonds first school where two statues of kids reading books reside. I didn't get a pic of the plaques and can't seem to find what they are called.


'Lady Liberty', a centennial celebration recast, sits on the median on Boulevard.


Further on down Boulvard and we find 'Journey II', a brief interlude of ducks or geese in the street median. I'm sure the Postman was wondering what I was doing running across the road to take a photo.


Down to Downtown Edmond and begin the walk to lunch via the bronze statues and back.

'Wishing Well' a bronze by an unknown artist.


'Jester' a bronze by Victor Issa.


Cross the road and 'Woman With Shawl', a bronze by Shirley Thompson Smith.


Up to the next corner and you will find 'Face Fragment II, III, IV. Wonder what ever happened to number one?! These are bronzes by Susan Evans, a little more on the abstract side.


We did see a couple of gorgeous murals, one over near the school and the other on the side of the building on Broadway. Gorgeous work, if I have it right, this one is 'Historic Edmond Mural' by Bob Palmer. (?)


Just around the corner and it's 'Paper Aeroplane', also known as Journeys of the Imagination. I really liked this one because of the little boy obviously daydreaming about his paper planes and the ability to fly and soar in the sky!


Side bar here, Ye old barber shoppe, they still exist! Shut today but a peek inside the window and it's like you've stepped back into the 50's with this little gem.


'Pastoral Dreamer' which makes me think of him lying in a field of tall grass gently waving in the wind.


Then it was time to stop in at Sweeney McGanns pub for a quick beer and half a hamburger each. Yes they are big enough to share. Sometimes we forget and regret. Today we remembered though and felt somewhat more comfortable for the afternoon!

What did we see next? Oh yeah! Many more, these are the rest of the bronzes we saw today just in this short space of time.

Did I tell you I hate frogs? There are frogs on the middle lilly. I really don't like frogs…..

The eagle was amazing, so much detail in his feathers.

These two are just in a side street but I remembered the 'Song of Songs' from when we signed paperwork at Keller Williams offices for our place.

This is only 35 of the some 120 statues located in and around Edmond. We did see some more Downtown but were a little abstract. Don't get me wrong I like some abstract art but I was really out to see the bronze detailed sculptures this time more than anything else.

Phew! What a day. If you ever get the chance or the inclination, go check them out.


Kat xo

(Monday 9th February) Statues of Edmond OK by Edna Parrish



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