3 States In A Day

Leaving Oklahoma to head for Winter Range, SASS (USA) National Championships.

It's a bleak looking morning 42F and as we head west, hit fog just before we leave OK state line and hit the Texas panhandle.


Car projects keep me busy as we travel……….is this the way to Ammmarillo…why yes, yes it is. 2.5hrs into the trip and still 88miles til we reach Amarillo where we will probably stop for lunch.


Wasn't long before sunshine started to peak through the fog and blue skies were on the horizon. Yeah, bring it on!

Oklahoma is flat but it sits at an elevation of 1140ft, we've already risen another 1800ft and by the time we get to Albuqurque will be at around 5500ft.

Lunch at Amarillo and it's tshirt weather – 71F, ahhhh 🙂


Welcome to the Land of Enchantment! State number 3 by 2pm. We'll make 'Singin' Sue' and 'Shanley Shooter's place by about 4.30pm where we stop for the night with our gracious hosts and then on to Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow!


Kat xo


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