On To Phoenix, AZ

Up at dawn to a clear crisp morning in Stanley, New Mexico. We are on the road to Phoenix.


We will stop in Winslow, AZ……take it eeeeeeasy, take it eeeeeeeassy……I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to see…….sorry, stopping for lunch 🙂


Anyway had our bit of fun and back on the road again. Going to avoid Flagstaff and instead turn South from Winslow and head down through Clints Well and across to Camp Verde.

It's a beautiful drive down through the Coconino National Forest (7000ft) and road is not too windy, didn't get to see any deer or elk though.

Reached Camp Verde but think we have bypassed the Fort post where the camels went through.

Onto Phoenix arriving at 4pm into the rooms, hit the shops for groceries, now ready for a drink and prepare for Fire and Ice tomorrow. Yee haa!

Welcome to the land of cactus and hot air balloons. Hopefully we will get to see some of the balloons up this week heading to the range of a morning.


Shopping is done, room is good – they have been updated since last time here. It's drinks time!



Kat xo

Oh, and we had a “discussion” about the camel post and Camp Verde and which trip it was?! It was 2012 AND after some research it wasn't Camp Verde, AZ but Camp Verde, TX! Haa haa haa oh well, I knew which building I was looking for, flags, camels and buffalo in paddocks and that wasn't here!


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