Winter Range 2015 – The Week That Was

What a week it has been!

We started out Sunday week ago shooting at Cowtown – Fire and Ice. It was a good warmup for the week ahead and got to shoot with some new cowboys and cowgirls.

Monday and Tuesday were Wild Bunch match days. 5 stages each day with 30 pistol, mostly up to 10 rifle and 4 up to 12 shotgun per stage. We had a go at Wild Bunch long range rifle and some speed events for giggles.


Tuesday evening was the Classic Cowboy Dinner at the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek. This year honours went to Classic Cowgirl “Squawty Bawdy” and Classic Cowboy “G W Ryder”.

Wednesday it was onto Warm Up match and speed events. Back into the cowboy guns and ready for the main match to begin.

Thursday – start of main match and not too bad. A little slow and 1 miss for the day. Jack had a few issues with jacking rounds out, we are 2 for 2 at the end of the day.


Friday – Red Shirt Day in honour of all troops serving or have served. A fly over occurs before each wave of shooters commences (for those that have never been to this event there will be x amount of posses that start early, mid or late in the day).


The flight team of 4 commences their flyover in formation and part way over one will peel away from the other 3, representing the lost men and women of service.


Had a couple of really good runs this day and one very happy cowgirl. Jack continuing his streak from the day before is not particularly happy – and he did have some really good raw times.

Friday night is saloon night with side match awards, followed by Bingo and Poker.

Saturday – last chance to finish the match strong, the weather was a bit drizzly and a tad annoying. Dropped 2 shots on stage 12 and I knew it was going to hurt. All in all, I was pleased to have shot my best Winter Range yet and all would be revealed come Sunday.


Saturday night of course is banquet night. I entered the costume contest with the 'Alamo Ball' 1879 gown and won 1 st place Best Dressed Lady and to top it off my seamstress skills assisted a 1st place Best Dressed B-Western Lady for 'Lil McGill'.


The Top 16 Mens and Sweet 16 Ladies shooters are also announced for the showdown on Sunday morning.

For the Men's – Blackjack Zac, Cobra Cat, Cody James, Deuce Stevens, Fast Enuff, Frederick Jackson Turner, Gateway Kid, Hell Hound, Matt Black, Ole Short Tom, Ranger McDuffie, Robyn DeVault, Single Barrel, Skin Dawg, Slick McClade and Texas Slim (alternates were Lead Ringer, Colt Faro, Oklahoma Dee and Bogus Deal)

For the Ladies – Bonnie MacFarlane, Crazy Little Woman, Echo Meadows, Kathouse Kelli, Lefty Jo, Lilly Long, Mame, Panhandle Cowgirl, SASS Kicker, Shamrock Sadie, Spur Broke, Sunshine Marcie, Texas Tiger, Tillie Dyes, Two Sons, Whirlwind Wendy (alternates were Etta Mae, Addie Rose, Victoria Diamond and Molly Magoo)

Come Sunday morning the light drizzle cleared and we had one change in the men's lineup and only 12 jittery but keen cowgirls to give it a go. Overall the final two were 'Slick McClade' and 'SASS Kicker'. Congratulations to both of them.


Awards were done and dusted in a couple of hours. A big congratulations to 'Tillie Dyes' for taking 1st place in Lady Wrangler, 2nd place me! 'Kathouse Kelli'! 3rd 'Echo Meadows', 4th 'Mame', 5th 'Pinto Annie', 6th 'Renegade Roper', 7th 'Miss Behavin', 8th 'Six Packin Jan', 9th 'Misty Moonshine' and 10th 'Winchester Mariah'

For Wild Bunch I placed 3rd in Ladies Traditional – 1st Place went to 'Texas Tiger', 2nd 'Dixie Bell', 3rd me, 4th 'Lacey Doyley' and 5th 'Shotgun Shannon'.


Phew! An awesome week finished off with a great dinner at Abuelos with none other than Judge Roy Bean, Justice Lily Kate, Shotglass, Texas Jack Daniels, Squawty Bawdy, Hipshot, Hawkshaw Fred, Hot Tamale, Aspen Filly and her sister Nancy. Thanks for the invite, Jackaroo and I thoroughly enjoyed it and everyone's company.



Kat xo



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