Wickenburg, AZ

Packed in the rain this morning and headed towards Wickenburg. A stop we have made in the past coming to Winter Range when we've flown in to LA.

The Cowboy Cafe was on the horizon for brunch, when what do my wandering eyes did appear?! It's no longer there and in its place a saloon 😦

So it was the Twin Wheels Cafe that took care of us with bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. Great little cowboy cafe with bits and pieces, film photos etc on the walls.

Now if you have never been to Wickenburg before then you must make a visit to the Desert Cabelleros Western Museum. It's a must see. Didn't go there this time but visited in 2011 and 2012.

We also keep missing the 'Cowgirl Up!' – Art from The Other Half Of The West. This exhibition is on around 21st March and always out of sync for us to take it in.


The town of Wickenburg was named after and founded by Henry Wickenburg, a Prussian born prospector who discovered the Vulture Mine. Wickenburg is one of Arizona's oldest towns. It was a gold mining town in the 1800's and is now famous for its annual Gold Rush Days event and Team Roping competitions amongst others.


Anyway heading down the road it appears some of the weird cactus trees are starting to flower and then 10miles out of Kingman, yes there is snow on them hills! Last time we came through Kingman in 2013 it was hotter than hell and 108F/42C.


Stopping here in Kingman for the night. Have a good one!

Kat xo

For more information about Wickenburg, The Museum or Henry Wickenburg, check out the following links!





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