No Rest For The Wicked

It's Monday and we are home after spending a great weekend in Arkansas.

Went to the gym and came home with the idea that we really need to get into another prop and signage work for the Territorial Marshal's.

So convincing the boss excitedly to 'lets go buy timber!' A few discussions and quick drawings and we headed off to Home Depot.

After lunch Jack knocked up the box, finished the top – perfect! I've already got it base coated and the pictures sought for the next artistic piece.

Phew! Before we knew it, it's knock off time but not before Jack got the car washed and we installed our new – never lose your car in a NASCAR parking lot again – branding on the Dodge.

We should have done this ages ago, just 'cause it looks so good! AND we got stickers with USA flag and OK state flag and managed to get an AUS flag and QLD flag together, who'd have thought!?


The blue writing matches the pin striping Jack put on it a couple of months ago.

Anyway best go feed him now for his efforts!

Have a good one!

Kat xo

For stickers and vinyl cut lettering check out the following.


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