Ahhh, Range Work Day

Land Run is coming up peeps! So the Territorial Marshal's were out in full force today, tidying, planning, fixing and moving anything from targets to buildings.

We had a great turn out and such divine weather to get the work done today.

Took out the latest prop for install – the dynamite box.


A half time break of hamburgers for lunch and then it was back into the final tasks.

Time to give up by 5pm and head home for drinks and, dare I say, pizza because I can't be stuffed cooking tonight.

Looking forward to shooting tomorrow!

Yee haa!

Kat xo

Trivia: things I learnt today

* there is a difference between a buck and a does hoof prints. More pressure in the print on the front of the hoof from the buck as apposed to pressure in the back of the hoof print of a doe. Therefore we had bucks running amuck on the range!

* a fish called a paddle bill is massive and has a flat long bill thing but more interesting has 2 sets of gills like a filtration system for the plankton and their eggs are regarded as high quality like black caviar.

* a shifting spanner to us Aussies is apparently a crescent wrench here.

🙂 So there ya go!


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