Spring Is Here

Well some days it is feeling more like Summer already! Yee haa, bring it on! I can even hear the hum of the neighbours air con.

So, the trees have been in bud for sometime. The ones at the gate entrance have had there white blossoms and since the last storm 2 nights ago the flowers are gone and the leaves are bright green!


The tree on the Fort stage at the range is in full beautiful pink bloom!


The trees behind us are losing the little crackly covers to show new unfolding leaves!


The Rose bush that I gave ‘the Heather’ (term used to describe Mum’s hacking back of Rose bushes for great successful growth. True story!) cut in Winter has exploded into new leaves and buds are on their way!


And then there’s this…….remember last August I planted so called plants that were to be deer proof, frost proof et etc – sounded pretty damn good at the time (Can’t find related blog, maybe was only FB that I posted, anywho).


…..well they now look like this.


A bunch of no good weeds and dead sticks. Looks like the green thumb didn’t make it to these delinquent specimens.

However, still looking for colour and low maintenance, I have come up with the most dodgiest thing I’ve probably done in my creative life. Yes people, I have turned to fake plants (it’s okay I haven’t advanced to plastic fruit like Ma yet, so I’m still okay…..I think)

At least I steered Jackaroo from some of the more dodgier looking plants and still stayed cheap. So have gone with one of Grandma’s favourites, blue hydrangeas. The pink was too tacky. FYI, did you know the difference between the two colours depends the acidity and alkalinity of the soil. Now THAT I did learn from Grams.

So here is the terrifying but eye pleasing result.


If nothing else, I’ve given you all a good laugh. Til next time!


Keep smilin’! 🙂

Kat xo


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