Here’s Yer Sign!

In amongst the painting of props and revamping the Mercantile, a request and discussion ensued about the 4' x 4' Land Run sign needing to be replaced.

Now it was a great creation by Bluegrass Girl but the years had not been kind to it. Having lost its shine and paint peeling, it really was time to come up with something new.

So what does ones mind think of for Land Run but of course, Land Run! And of course I do like challenging myself.

Last April we visited the Land Run Monument here in Oklahoma City. Beautifully detailed bronze statues that are larger than life.

Here's Jackaroo, Rooster and Constable Nelson. Puts it into perspective, you can see just how big the statues are!


Wanting to depict the settlers arriving, I decided on using this picture of the horses and wagon.


Now the next thing was, how the heck do I paint horses from a pic of bronze statues??! I haven't painted horses before and so began the challenge. My creative little brain kicked into overdrive, switched up the colour photo for a dual tone so I could see the shadowing etc and just went with it.


Once I drew it all out it, it was time for painting. The results were pleasing and feel pretty good that I actually got them looking like horses! Bonus!


After throwing down layers and layers of paint, this is the final product!


Looking forward to having it fixed to the stand and seeing it at the front gate in a few weeks when The Territorial Marshal's host the 22nd Annual Land Run match.

Hope to see some of you there!


Kat xo


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