Heading Texas Way

An early morning with a beautiful sunrise against the Oklahoma City skyline.


Pink and orange hues dancing across the windows of multi story buildings as we travel down the interstate.

Picture turned out blurry. 😦 It looked so good!

A 9 hour drive, we are heading down to Fredericksburg, Texas. The next few days will be spent at Comancheria Days.

It's a little grey coming into Texas but don't be fooled it's 80F/27C and muggy as hell.

I finished all car projects, did computer work and cleaned out 10,000 odd photos and videos – about a year and a halfs worth. I'd already deleted the previous 2 years after transferring them to the external hard drive!!

Searching for something to do……nup, got nothin'. Take up singing, eating grapes and maybe it's time for a nap? Or not! In amongst the Country music, we get Meghan Trainor, Kaitlin's old Nightwish and Him songs, mixed in with Saddle Tramps, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis and the odd 150bpm workout remix! A very eclectic mix indeed.

We passed through Fort Worth, Waco (quick stop at Cabelas), Austin and down the 290 thru Johnson City – blue bonnets, indian blanket ( and another little orange flower can't remember the name of) are flowering in abundance!

Lady Bird Johnsons's favourite thing to do was wander through all the native flowers on their property here. We visited the 'Texas White House', LBJ's ranch now a State Park and museum. When we visited in 2012 they had redone the kitchen back to 60's decor if I'm correct and were planning other restoration works.


See you in Fredericksburg hill country, home of German heritage, winery's, pecans and peach orchards.

Kat xo



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