Best Smellin’ Handlebars In The West

Now there could be 101 good uses for Double Chocolate Vodka so far I'm up to 2!!

1. Pour carefully one shot of Double Chocolate Vodka from pre-chilled bottle. Directly consume, either by sippin' or throwin' it back! This is the preferred method. Repeat if necessary.

2. Pour one shot of Double Chocolate Vodka and with rag and a bit of elbow grease remove masking tape residue from rubber grips on bike handles.


Whaaaatt?! I hear you ask?

Story goes a little something like this.

Dare to be different she says. Why yes I think I will. Make a bicycle costume and procure bike. Done. (Think we covered this in the past.)

Give Jack a project to strip bike down, clean up – although he made me pick off the stickers 'cause he just wanted to paint over them! Paint her up in black and give chrome a new lease of life. Chrome in a can (aka silver paint).



Then new tubes and she's ready to roll. I left the front guard off because they only had one on the rear in 1890's and so became my faux antique bicycle for the liberated wheel woman of the day.


HOWEVER, and this is where we get back to the vodka bit, the tape he had used for masking off the rubber grips on the handlebars are now left with a considerable amount of sticky residue.


So research on the internet tells me rubbing alcohol or vodka for removal without ruining the rubber.


It's a little early in the day to be doing a, one shot for me, one for the bike, scenario – I resisted well! And so I set out to try this theory and folks I can tell you now it works!


They are all cleaned up good now ready for my grand debut on Friday at Land Run, watch out for the crazy woman in tweed.

Though my handlebar grips may not look like chocolate, THAT'S how you get the “Best Smellin' Handlebars In The West“!

Cheers! (It's noon, so final clean up might require a shot for me)

Kat xo


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