Gorge and Pass Travel

Leaving Cañon City this morning it's looking a little dark and may just get those storms they are predicting.

Now starts the winding road through Bighorn Sheep Gorge beside the river and some small rapids. Passed Spike Buck, Five Points, Salt Lick, Pinnacle Rock, Texas Creek to name a few.


We got rain on and off but with a spectacular view of the mountains, who really cares. Just beautiful!


Pity we left our rafting shoes at the house, could have done some more white water rafting next week. I'm sure we will find something else to amuse us between shoots though. We can see the first bus loads of adventurists getting ready for their rafting experience.

Salida, 7036ft and surrounded by a snow capped mountain backdrop. Only thing I've achieved on this part of the journey is to paint my toenails and take in the scenery. Lol!

One of our random stops, let's make a trip up the mountain on the Monarch Crest Tramway. A 20 minute round trip to the top of the crest, 11,312 at the top 12,012ft.

The gondola is the oldest one in Colorado at 49 years of age – Haa haa haa should have seen the look on Jack's face when the guy said that!


Ok so we get to the top and we are in the observatory. Standing either side of the Continental Divide.


Mount Ouray (pronounced u-ray) 13,971ft left of the tower,


San Luis Peak which is part of the La Agarita Mountains & Wilderness is 14,014ft but covered in cloud today.

Out there SW is the San Juan Mountains and Gunnison Valley, where we are headed.


Spectacular, spectacular, no words of the vernacular! (Lol, bit of a Moulin Rouge twist in there) An awesome quick stop!

Now it's back on the road and get some millinery done whilst navigating the bends.

Into Montrose round lunchtime, headed to the range and checked in, sussed out the beaut facades and chatted a while before heading to the Motel.

We caught up with some of the Aussies here as well and look forward to getting into some side matches tomorrow.


Beers and cheers!

Kat xo


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