Side Match Day, CO State

Slightly on the cooler side this morning but with guns unloaded and then finding out side matches were being held over on the rifle range, the walk made for a great warm up.

We started with the Trail Walk (first with cowboy and then Wild Bunch) good fun! Man at this altitude you are definitely huffing and puffing by the end of your run though!

The San Juan Shooting Range sits at an altitude of 6,600ft and the gorgeous scenery is something to marvel at.


After the Trail Walk there was Speed Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun and feel my hands are back from WB use and ready for a cowboy match or 2….or 3.

Lunchtime and this afternoon will be Long Range events, Pocket Pistol, Derringer, 22 match etc. Hopefully they don't get dumped on out there. We decided to leave at lunch and it was black as black, thunder and some very light rain here.

Tomorrow is the start of the Colorado State Championships. In the evening will be dinner at the Turn Of The Century Saloon. After checking out their website, I'm looking forward to going there, as a whole bunch of cowboys is going to look sensational hanging out in a recreated 1890's saloon!

Yee haa, good times

Kat xo


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